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The beauty of innovation, The new trend of “manufacturing” in China

On the afternoon of December 17th, the 2019 “Beauty of Manufacturing” annual award ceremony and summit forum, co-sponsored by China Made Network and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), was held in Nanjing Greenland Zipong Intercontinental Hotel.SGS, BV, TUV Nande, representatives of the winning companies and mainstream media gathered in Jinling to witness this glorious event made in China. Some of the winning products were presented at the award ceremony.

At the moment of highlight, 49 enterprises with 57 products are shining jinling.

The “Beauty of Manufacturing” selection of China examines the made-in-China with a rigorous eye, looking for the most valuable products;From the soliciting of products in January to the preliminary evaluation in October, a total of 5,917 products were received. After the preliminary evaluation, a total of 458 products entered the final evaluation stage, and then the evaluation was carried out from the aspects of product quality, innovative value, human-computer interaction, safety and environmental protection, aesthetic effect and other dimensions. Finally, 57 excellent products and 49 enterprises won the first place.
Fujian Fenan Aluminum group stood out and won the award.

“The new is living, the old is plank;The new will pass, the old will stall.”From individuals to countries, how can we reach our destination? How can we break the bottleneck of development and Pierce the “ceiling”?The answer is to “unlock” market demand and make bold innovations.
FOEN Fen ‘an focuses on combining new energy with traditional buildings, bringing new technologies, new models, new ideas and new services to the market, realizing differentiated competition, improving brand influence, constantly spreading the voice of Chinese brand to the world, and making the world fall in love with Made-in-China.


Post time: Jul-29-2020